Knife Sharpening Central Coast

Surgically Sharp, that’s what we do!

Our equipment is imported from the USA & Sweden.

The best quality machinery ensures your knives are sharper than when they left the factory.

  • We sharpen each blade using six (6) different stages in the process.
  • Using high quality Trizact belts with various grit finishes delivers a professional edge second to none.
  • The final hone is done using a felt belt with quality rouge – Now surgically sharp – with a chrome edge finish!
  • We establish the correct angle of your knives with a digital protractor.
  • The blade now set at the correct angle ensures all six (6) stages are sharpened at the same angle – Usually between 17 to 20 degrees.
  • We complete all sharpening using a variable speed machine. This ensures our sharpening will not over heat the blade and ruin the temper of the steel.

For prompt turnaround service you can deliver to our workshop in Mardi

Or – we are only One (1) day away Via Express Post

Based on average $1.60 per 25mm (1-inch old scale) for sharpening only

Pricing does not include additional work repairing damaged knives which can take more time to rectify. We can quote repairs for you separately.

Meat Choppers same rate as knives.

Please Note: Add an extra $3.00 for serrated knife sharpening.

Blade length up to 70mm


Blade 70mm to 125mm


Blade length 125mm to 175mm


Blade length 175mm to 220mm


Blades length 220mm to 270mm


Blades length 270mm to 330mm


Blades length 330mm to 400mm