Pet Groomer Blade Sharpening Central Coast

Better than factory sharp!

Our Automatic machine sharpens better than new!

Every aspect of clipper blade sharpening has been refined for superior results, with this unique system that outperforms any other.

Mechanism indexes and strokes blades parallel to centre line, controls cutter blade and comb & applies equal pressure each and every time for a uniform hollow grind.

Sharpens both comb and cutter at the same time, removing an average of One-thousandth of an inch perfectly even – every time.

The Shop Automatic Clipper Sharpening System

Your profit will improve with this machine because your blades stay Sharper – For much longer

Our 15 Step best practice ensures the best sharpening outcome.

  1. Check for damage & blade/comb tension & alignment.
  2. Clippers are cleaned in our Ultra Sonic machine at 55 degrees for 15 minutes.
  3. We then disassemble and remove residue hair, oil & grit.
  4. Blades & Combs are sharpened on our Shop Machine specifically designed for hollow grinding.
  5. Blades and combs are rubbed on a steel base to ascertain sharpened lines are correct.
  6. Both Blade and comb are carefully deburred removing lose metal fibres.
  7. We then de-magnetise the blades & combs.
  8. Blades & Combs are placed in an alcohol-based solution to soak before scrubbing clean.
  9. The spring tension is adjusted and checked on a plate for parallel.
  10.  The socket is crimped in our socket guide to ensure it’s the correct dimension
  11.  A new plastic glide is placed on the spring.
  12. We reassemble and thoroughly oil all moving parts
  13. Test blade/comb pressure with our tension gauge.
  14. Test cutting using Rabbit Pelts to ensure they are perfect.
  15. Sets are then placed in a Cellophane bag which will not create moisture & rust.

Prompt turnaround service from our workshop in Mardi NSW.

We are only One (1) day away Via Express Post

Up to
3 Clippers

$17 each

Over 4

$14.50 each